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Men's Sports Shorts 2.0


£22.00 £5.00


Introducing to you our new Sports Shorts 2.0.

Sexy, comfortable and semi see through! 

These shorts are versatile in every way providing you with ultimate comfort for lounging around in bed or getting things heated up in the gym. The Sports Shorts are made out of a breezy, lightweight and translucent material featuring an elasticated waistband and drawstring detailing. Although easy fitting, the material is still firm against your skin giving you great shape and movement around your bum.

Unlike other shorts, these new shorts come label free, bringing you the freedom and comfort to wear with or without underwear, if you're brave enough...

Designed in the UK, shorts are available in white & black, sizes S / M / L / XL. 

Quantity is limited, so grab them while they last!

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