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The Boling Twins are BOX's latest discovery. We are totally hooked on the duo, because simply, they are awesome and how well they wear and style BOX Menswear blows us away.

We thought we would treat you all to some sneaky BTS and never seen before images from our shoot in America with the twins. 

Enjoy :) 

Its getting hot out here...
Does that taste nice Cory?
What a nice view.
What better way to relax than in BOX Briefs.
We don't think much cooking gets done in that kitchen.
Whats up Cory?
What a pair of cute... cats 
Jumping for joy in BOX Boxers
A long days work deserves a relax
Jackets and BOX briefs are all you need.
Ready for a jog guys?

Who wants to see more BOX photoshoots with the Boling Twins? Drop us a comment and let us know...



  • Posted On September 05, 2018 by Richard Wilson

    These two guys are amazing beautiful love u two cuties

  • Posted On July 29, 2018 by NicktheKeeper

    Absolutely awesome physiques in The Box.

  • Posted On July 28, 2018 by Con

    Yes. More. Always. ❤

  • Posted On July 26, 2018 by Ruskin Robert

    Nice shots but not enough bulge to fill their briefs

  • Posted On July 18, 2018 by John Watson

    Both are too hot and I would love to see more of them and a way to contact them…

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