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The very best of bulges in white underwear

The very best of bulges in white underwear

The most popular colour of men's underwear world wide is without question white, and that's the same here at Box. 

We sell more white underwear than any other colour. 

So why do some many guys opt for white boxers / briefs over and above black, grey or any other colour? Well we've listed a few reasons below as to why we think:


* White underwear looks clean. Well, this is only true if it is clean I guess. 

* This point goes hand in hand with the above, but white briefs appear hygienic. Any marks on white boxers would show up, so, any guy who wants to appear clean, will often buy white jocks before any other colour. 

* While some other colour boxers and briefs, such as grey will show a good bulge, nothing shows details or the outline of a penis quite like tighty whities. Just have a look at our pictures below. 

* While there may be more reasons, a big one is white underwear goes fairly see through when wet. Nothing is sexier than some semi see through underwear hey? 



Now, we've talked a lot about why men's white underwear is sexy, so perhaps it's time to show you some white boxers, white briefs and even a white jock strap? 

Please be prepared, some of the images below are quite sexy. You have been warned. 

white underwear bulge

What better way to wear some King Fit skin tight white sports boxers, than to empty the washing machine of your men's white briefs

Sean Pratt Bulge

Here's Sean Pratt who sound fame on MTV Ex On The Beach. He's also had some trouble with Instagram a few times over for posting pictures of his huge bulge that keep on being removed. I guess it's not Sean's fault if his bulge shows in track suit bottoms? 

Max Wyatt White Briefs

Who doesn't like Max Wyatt? He's blond, he's toned, he's got a winning smile and he's 19, soon to be 20 years old, oh and he's from the North of England. Max is an Only Fans super star, often getting his ass out for all to see on site. Here's a great picture of Max showing his bulge in wet white underwear, kneeling on the beach in Thailand. 

Tyson Beckford Underwear

The lead guy here is male super model Tyson Beckford. Some of your will know Tyson from America's Next Top Model, where his on screen flirting antics with the show's host and creator Tyra Banks made headlines. The pair were rumoured to have had a romance, I mean, if it were true, who could blame Tyra, look at Tyson's body! HARD!

Oleksander Kalinovskyi Provocame

He goes by the name Provocame on Instagram, where he's already amassed thousands of followers by showing off his incredible physique and huge bulge (which you can see above in white briefs). If you're looking for a few workout tips Provocame also posts lots of his workout videos on his own website here

Liam Jolley Bulge

British lad Liam Jolley has been around online. He's also a huge Only Fans success because well, he wanks off on video, what more needs to be said? Nice bulge in those briefs Liam Jolley. 


Here's some guys who we love the look of, we just are not quite sure who they are, but anyway, enjoy their bulges. 

Mens white trunks underwear

Smile underwear

white briefs muscle

underwear flash

Why is it so sexy why guys rest their bulge on top of their waistband like that? 

briefs bulge big

briefs men

side profile bulge

comfortable white boxers

mens white underwear

If after reading all of this, you've decided white underwear isn't quite your thing, then try out a nice colour combo, like pink briefs, red boxers or men's black underwear. 

If you're brave then there isn't anything sexier than a Jock Strap and look at what we've got on offer here. 

All images and models featured are freely available online, however, if we've used your image and you would like a credit or the image removed, please do contact us support@boxmenswear.com and we'll get this done for you. 

Christy G


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Christy G

I love wearing white underwear and i fell comfortable of it,,white is love,,jejeje

Christy G

Brilliant …..they give a beautiful outline of the package 😁😋😘

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